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The highly anticipated release of Earthblade, the next game from the developers of indie hit Celeste, won’t be happening in 2024 as originally anticipated. In a recent blog post by Maddy Thorson, director of R&D at Extremely OK Games, fans were gently informed of the delay while reassured that progress is still underway.

Despite hopes for a firm release date, Thorson acknowledges that announcing one “just isn’t in the cards” at this time. However, the silver lining lies in the fact that development is far from stagnant. The team continues to make strides forward, with the recent addition of developer Kyle Pulver, an indie game veteran known for his work on titles like Offspring Fling and Super Meat Boy Forever.

Pulver’s arrival brings fresh perspectives and ideas to the project, aligning closely with the studio’s vision and contributing to problem-solving efforts. While Earthblade was initially slated for a ’20XX’ release window, followed by an aim for 2023, the current delay signals a period of transformation and refinement for the game.

Thorson’s transparency about the reasons behind the delay, including workload management, team growth, and personal challenges, underscores the studio’s commitment to delivering a polished product. Although specifics about a new release date weren’t provided, the message is clear: Earthblade remains an active and evolving project worth waiting for.

While delays are never ideal, the priority remains ensuring the game meets its full potential before launch. Fans can expect continued updates on Earthblade’s progress, with hopes for a 2025 release date.

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