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Releasing an indie game requires significant effort and, notably, financial support. Historically, indie game studios could secure funding from large publishers, but this avenue is becoming increasingly difficult.

Recent developments indicate that platforms like Xbox Game Pass and the Epic Store are no longer offering deals to indie developers. Previously, indie developers could secure exclusivity contracts with these platforms, but that’s changing, as reported by TweakTown.

The shift is attributed to a market crisis marked by widespread layoffs and budget reductions, making it tougher than ever for indie developers to secure deals. Casey Yano from Mega Crit shared insights from his discussions at GDC, revealing instances of funding cuts and canceled negotiations affecting numerous small teams.

Casey Yano from Mega Crit had to say the following:

I talked to at least five small teams during GDC, like 35 people and under, and they’re like: Cuts, cuts, cuts, funding canceled, talks that were going on for a year, canceled.

Epic Games, facing losses exceeding $700 million last year, understandably hesitates to invest in indie games amidst this challenging market landscape. This trend extends beyond Epic Games and Microsoft, with Sony laying off 900 employees and EA reducing its workforce by 5%.

The gaming market’s current crisis isn’t unexpected, given these circumstances. However, there’s hope for recovery in the industry, with optimism for better conditions in the future.

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