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A group of developers has revealed The Triple-i Initiative, a 45-minute showcase event highlighting world premieres, exclusive gameplay, demos, and surprises from leading independent game creators.

Next month, those developers are teaming up to tackle a problem together. These developers have already had success with games like Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, Risk of Rain 2, and more. They’re not big studios, they’re independent, or what they call “Triple-I.” Together, they brings the games that can make a big impact.

They’re organizing a video game showcase called The Triple-I Initiative. It’s happening on April 10 and will include over 30 studios announcing new games, highlighting fan-favorites, and showcasing indie classics. The event will be streamed on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Steam. The idea for the initiative came about because independent developers often struggle to find the right platform to announce their games. They felt overshadowed by bigger events like E3 or The Game Awards. So they decided to create their own showcase where indie games can be the main attraction. The Triple-I Initiative is all about collaboration and community, and these developers believe that together, they can stand out in the gaming industry alongside big players.

Here is the full list of studios supporting The Triple-I Initiative:

Watch the showcase announcement trailer below.

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