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Embark on a spine-chilling adventure as Samuel Judge, an avid follower of the enigmatic conspiracy podcast, “Dark and Deep.” Transported into a sinister and perilous realm, you must navigate treacherous landscapes teeming with lurking dangers… and you’re not alone.

Harness the power of magical picture frames to combat hidden creatures and unveil crucial objects. These frames serve as windows into a haunting world, simultaneously offering tools to dispel the encroaching darkness. Race against time to unravel the conspiracy before it consumes you whole.

Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative as you listen to the podcast and witness the unfolding of events that hit too close to home. Engage in a gripping tale of mystery and betrayal, where reality blurs with the surreal.

Challenge your wits with intricate physics puzzles, utilizing ancient machines of cryptic origin to manipulate gravity and carve a path through ominous fog. Use precious embers of light to illuminate your surroundings, but beware—the shadows harbor malevolent creatures eager to snuff out your light.

Dark and Deep boasts a visually stunning aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the intricate artwork of 19th-century master Gustave Doré. His evocative black-and-white illustrations set the stage for a surreal cosmic horror narrative, where the boundaries of sanity and reality blur.

  • Uncover hidden secrets and fend off lurking adversaries with a mystical collection of frames bestowed upon you by a mysterious benefactor.
  • Engage in intense battles against the shadowy entities using your frames and ancient supernatural contraptions found within the world.
  • Navigate through a cryptic and surreal landscape fraught with perilous inhabitants and perplexing puzzles, all while striving to survive against all odds.


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