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Landfall’s Content Warning has emerged as the latest cooperative horror sensation, initially offered for free for a 24-hour window before transitioning to a paid model. Despite this shift, the game has witnessed an impressive surge in popularity, with concurrent player counts surpassing 200,000 on Steam. Remarkably, over 6.2 million players claimed the game during its initial free offering.

While Content Warning now carries a price tag of $7.99, the development team is actively addressing various issues reported by players. These include concerns regarding voice communication, connectivity, hosting, and instances of camera footage not extracting or being visible. Encouragingly, the team has made significant progress in addressing these issues and aims to implement fixes by tomorrow morning.

Available on PC, Content Warning transports players to the eerie landscapes of the Old World, equipped with cameras to document chilling encounters akin to Phasmophobia. However, the primary objective isn’t mere identification of supernatural entities but rather achieving viral fame on the platform known as SpookTube. By accumulating views, players can unlock better cameras and equipment, enhancing their chances of survival within a three-day timeframe, reminiscent of the mechanics seen in Lethal Company.

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