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In a recent tweet, the official Call of Duty Updates account issued a warning to players, signaling an intensified crackdown on Ranked Play progression boosting. The message stated that action has been taken against all identified accounts engaging in boosting activities, spanning both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone.

The initial measure implemented involves resetting the SR (Skill Rating) progression of flagged accounts, with the possibility of additional consequences pending further investigation by the development team. Moreover, the accounts in question have been removed from the Ranked Play leaderboards.

The developers also outlined plans to enhance monitoring efforts on leaderboards through new detection methods. While specifics of these procedures were not disclosed, the post cautions players that SR resets on boosted accounts may occur periodically.

The announcement has been met with widespread approval from fans, although many have also expressed hopes for additional security measures. Suggestions include the implementation of more robust anti-cheat systems and resolution of shadow ban issues.

This move by Call of Duty aligns with recent efforts to maintain fair play within the game, following the closure of cheat provider Interwebz a few weeks prior. Although the connection between the crackdown and Interwebz’s shutdown remains unclear, the latter cited legal action as the cause.

As Season 3 approaches, accompanied by a promising roadmap featuring new game modes and maps, fans can anticipate a more seamless experience in Call of Duty ranked play, thanks to the proactive measures against boosting.

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