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Motion Twin, the company behind the popular game Dead Cells, has released a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game called Windblown. This new game falls into the action roguelite genre, similar to Dead Cells.

Windblown was first announced at The Game Awards in 2023. While the announcement trailer gave us a glimpse of the game, it was mostly cinematic. However, it did confirm that the game will launch into PC Early Access in 2024. The new gameplay trailer released today shows more of the game’s mechanics in action, including abilities of the characters and colorful environments.

Fans of Dead Cells are excited about Windblown, as Dead Cells received praise from both critics and players when it was released in 2018. Since Motion Twin announced that they won’t be adding any more content to Dead Cells after update 35, fans have been eagerly awaiting something new from the developers.

Windblown seems to be in line with what fans loved about Dead Cells, and the trailers for the game have been inspiring so far. The game is described as a “lightning-fast action roguelite for 1-3 players,” where players can absorb enemy powers and customize their gear accordingly.

Motion Twin co-developed Dead Cells with Evil Empire, who have also moved on to new projects. Insider Gaming recently reported exclusively on Evil Empire’s new Prince of Persia game. It’s expected that Windblown will also be released in Early Access later this year on Steam.

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