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Star Wars Outlaws has recently secured a rating in Brazil, marking the third such rating within a short span. Earlier, the game received a ’19+’ rating in Korea and an ‘M’ for Mature in Australia. Brazil’s rating board has now given it a ‘T’ for Teen.

The accumulation of ratings from multiple countries suggests that the game might be gearing up for a release. According to insights from Insider Gaming earlier this year, the current plan is to launch Star Wars Outlaws in the first half of 2024.

Content creator JorRaptor analyzed previous ratings in Korea and their corresponding release dates for Ubisoft games. The pattern indicates that games rated in South Korea typically hit the shelves around two months later.

For instance, Assassin’s Creed Mirage was rated on July 17 and released on October 5, 80 days later. Star Wars Jedi Survivor received its rating on January 9 and was released on April 28, 109 days later (originally planned for March 17, 67 days later). The Division 2 was rated on January 8 and released on March 12, 63 days later.

Moreover, Ubisoft recently announced its upcoming Ubisoft Forward event scheduled for June 10, 2024. Insider Gaming sources suggest that this event will feature the highly-anticipated Assassin’s Creed Codename Red.

The question remains: when will Star Wars: Outlaws hit the market? Share your predictions in the comments.

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