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“If I can do this, you guys can do this, anybody could do this.”

Chris Mandra, at 57, has just released his first video game, a remarkable feat considering the typical career trajectory. Despite not being much of a gamer himself, he embarked on this new journey, drawing inspiration from his passion for music and a chance encounter with Panic’s Playdate handheld.

While Chris has dabbled in various professions, including music, teaching, and audio engineering, he’s always found ways to support his musical pursuits financially. His latest venture is teaching computer science at a high school, which has brought him insights into younger generations’ perspectives.

The idea for his game began in 2019 when he saw Panic’s Playdate reveal on Twitter. Inspired by the device’s crank, he envisioned a game that incorporated elements of music and experimentation, reminiscent of the early days of recording and turntables.

Despite his limited gaming background, Chris has successfully entered the world of game development, demonstrating that it’s never too late to pursue your passions and explore new opportunities.

DirectDrive. | Image credit: DACVector

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