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A new report by Newzoo reveals that games older than six years accounted for over 60% of gaming playtime in 2023. Live service and sandbox games, with Fortnite leading the pack, were the most dominant among players.

Despite the influx of new releases, older games like Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends, Minecraft, and GTA 5 held a significant share of total playtime.

Image credit: Newzoo

Average playtime decreased by 26% since Q1 2021, indicating a shift in gaming habits post-pandemic. New games struggled to compete for player attention, capturing only 8% of total playtime.

Competition among new games remains fierce, with growth opportunities expected to flatten in the coming years across PC and console platforms.

The focus on live service games is evident, with companies investing heavily in this model. However, reports suggest that significant industry growth remains elusive, leading to market consolidation and fewer game releases.

Sony’s strategy of launching new live service games has been adjusted, reflecting broader industry trends. Despite challenges, Fortnite continues to see increased popularity, with record-breaking player counts.

Overall, the report highlights the evolving landscape of gaming, with established titles maintaining dominance and new releases facing stiff competition for player engagement.

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