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A few weeks back, Pocketpair hinted at Palworld’s first new ‘Pal’ and an upcoming raid featuring the game’s initial super-powered boss, Bellanoir. Now, Palworld’s big update ( is here, bringing the highly anticipated raid and a bunch of other changes.

Raid Alert

In this update, players can finally take on Bellanoir in a tough raid. Described as super powerful and tough to beat, it’s going to be a challenge.

Changes Galore

The update also introduces a ‘training manual’ feature for giving Pals experience points and adds new items like ‘Ability Glasses’ and ‘Recovery Meds’ to improve Pal interactions. Plus, there are tweaks to how some Pals work.

Bug Fixes and More

Alongside these additions, there are fixes and improvements to anti-cheat systems, server setup, and various bugs.

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