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Content Warning, the co-op horror sensation from the creators of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, has received its first patch. Alongside bug fixes, the update introduces new items like party poppers and a reporter mic for players to enjoy in the eerie depths.

In Content Warning, teams of up to four players venture into darkness to capture terrifying creatures on camera. The footage can then be uploaded to SpöökTube for a chance at viral fame. The game’s popularity surged thanks to streamer attention and a limited-time free offer, amassing over 6.2 million players on Steam.

While the initial success was accompanied by some technical issues, the developer Landfall Games has released a patch to address some of these concerns. Improvements include reduced hard drive usage for recordings, new settings like inverted mouse controls, and fixes for duplicated items.

Excitingly, the update also brings new toys like a reporter mic and party poppers. Players can now host post-exploration viewing parties with the newly added projector in the garden.

However, the patch does not address certain issues flagged by the team, such as voice problems, connection issues, and camera footage glitches. Fixes for these are expected in future updates.

Content Warning is now available for purchase on Steam after its free giveaway period. Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan recommends giving it a try, praising its unique charm and cooperative gameplay experience.

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