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Unity Ceases Support for Ziva Dynamics Tools, Sells License to DNEG

Unity, in a recent announcement, revealed its decision to discontinue support for Ziva Dynamics, a comprehensive toolset utilized for simulation, deformation, and real-time 3D character creation. The engine maker stated that it will sell the license to VFX company DNEG.

The decision to end support for Ziva VFX, Ziva Real-Time, Ziva Face Trainer, and other associated products was disclosed in a blog post by Unity. The company cited this move as part of an ongoing company reset, focusing its efforts on core products such as the Unity Editor and Runtime, Unity Cloud, and Monetization Solutions, to better serve the needs of its community.

This decision comes following Unity’s business restructuring efforts initiated last year, particularly after the Runtime Fee controversy and the resignation of CEO John Riccitiello. The company has been streamlining its operations by reducing its workforce and discontinuing certain products to refocus on core business objectives and ensure long-term profitability. In January 2024, Unity announced a significant layoff of 1,800 employees as part of this strategy.

Unity had acquired Ziva Dynamics in 2022, but with the termination of support, existing subscribers will be offered the option to convert their licenses to a five-year term to continue using the product.

In a separate agreement, VFX company DNEG secured an exclusive perpetual license to Ziva from Unity. While the terms of the deal remain undisclosed, Unity will maintain ownership of the technology. DNEG stated that it would be integrating a substantial portion of the Ziva team into its operations. According to DNEG CTO Paul Salvini, this move is crucial for the company’s growth and will further enhance its capabilities in digital character and creature work, catering not only to film and episodic projects but also to real-time and immersive applications.

The termination of support for Ziva Dynamics marks another subsidiary abandonment by Unity. Last year, the company terminated its agreement with VFX company Wētā FX, which it had acquired for $1.62 billion in 2021, affecting 265 employees as a result.

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