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Shift Up, the team behind Stellar Blade, is gearing up for their next big project, a “cross platform next-gen” action role-playing game. They’ve opened up job positions for technical artists, monster and character concept artists, animators, and screenwriters for this mysterious project.

From the job descriptions, it seems like the game will be developed using the Unreal Engine and will have an anime style. The animator role suggests it will have “stylish action” gameplay. The screenwriter will be working on scenarios for an urban sci-fi action RPG. Monster concept artists with a knack for sci-fi mech designs are also preferred.

Based on these hints, it seems like the game will be a sci-fi RPG with monsters, mechs, and stylish action in an urban setting, reminiscent of Stellar Blade’s world.

Additionally, in Stellar Blade, players can equip a suit called the Skin Suit, but there’s a catch – it’s NSFW and comes with penalties. Equipping it means sacrificing the shield, leading to a more challenging gameplay experience where the protagonist takes instant damage when hit.

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