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It seems we may be reaching a saturation point with Retro Zeldalikes, particularly those reminiscent of Link’s Awakening, with recent entries like Isles Of Sea And Sky and Blossom Tales saturating the market. However, amidst this crowded landscape, Castaway stands out as a promising adventure worth embarking upon.’

In Castaway, players assume the role of Martin, a spaceman who finds himself marooned on an island adorned with charmingly retro, 8-bit scenery. His mission? To rescue his loyal pet dog. With a “concise and delightful” story mode featuring just three bosses, one might initially underestimate the challenges that lie ahead. Yet, behind this seemingly innocent facade looms a daunting 50-floor tower, housing increasingly difficult trials. Imagine Link’s Awakening with a Bloody Palace twist—now that’s an adventure worth undertaking.

The world of Castaway feels like a nostalgic homage to NES or Game Boy Zelda titles, complete with whimsical tree designs and a soundtrack that evokes memories of Zelda’s musical themes. Familiar Zelda-esque tools, such as a sword, pickaxe for rock smashing, and hookshot for gap traversal, further enhance the retro experience.

For players seeking a less intense journey, Castaway offers various gameplay modes to cater to different preferences. Younger players or those adverse to combat can opt for “invincible” mode, while “pacifist” mode removes enemies entirely. Meanwhile, seasoned adventurers can challenge themselves with “unfair” mode.

Developed by Canari Games, known for their acclaimed title Lunark, Castaway holds promise as a worthy spiritual successor to classic Zelda adventures. Just as Lunark captured the essence of beloved retro classics, one can hope Castaway will do the same for the Zelda franchise. While a release date is yet to be announced, eager players can wishlist Castaway on Steam and await its arrival with anticipation.

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