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In a recent survey of 650 gamers in the United Kingdom, it was unveiled that 41% of participants are eager for a Red Dead Redemption movie. The survey aimed to gauge sentiments surrounding the burgeoning trend of live-action adaptations of video games, which is steadily gaining traction.

Gamers were probed on various aspects, including their preferences for franchises they’d like to see adapted, their enjoyment of existing adaptations, and their anticipation for confirmed adaptations.

Among the findings, it was discovered that 49% of respondents were particularly thrilled about the forthcoming Fallout TV show, set to debut on April 11. Following closely were BioShock and God of War, ranking second and third in terms of anticipation.

In an intriguing twist, a survey conducted by GAME, the UK’s leading video game retailer, shed light on gamers’ sentiments towards live-action adaptations. Surprisingly, 52% of respondents ranked the original Tomb Raider movies as the top gaming-related content to hit the big screen.

In contrast, only 14% of respondents expressed positive feelings towards Gran Turismo, the Neill Blomkamp-directed movie released in August 2023.

When it came to dream adaptations, 41% of gamers expressed a preference for a Red Dead Redemption movie or TV series. Following closely were requests for adaptations of Mass Effect (38%), Horizon (33%), and The Elder Scrolls (29%).

In a curious revelation, 2% of respondents expressed interest in a live-action adaptation of FIFA. However, the feasibility of such an adaptation remains uncertain.

Additionally, respondents were asked to select their favorite franchise from a list of positively received options. Unsurprisingly, The Last of Us emerged as the clear favorite, chosen by 42% of respondents. This Emmy-winning series captured the hearts of gamers in a sweeping victory.

In contrast, the 2020 movie adaptation of Monster Hunter, starring Milla Jovovich, received a mere 1% of the votes.

The survey leaves us pondering: what live-action adaptation are you most intrigued by?

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