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Next week, Helldivers 2 enthusiasts can look forward to the release of the latest premium warbond, aptly named Democratic Detonation. This upcoming addition promises to inject some explosive new options into the fray, though one might want to exercise caution to avoid accidentally wiping out their entire squad in the process—something that, admittedly, may have happened to me on occasion.

Included in the Democratic Detonation warbond are three formidable new weapons primed for battlefield devastation. Leading the charge is the BR-14 Adjudicator Rifle, designed for piercing through armor with ruthless efficiency. Joining it is the bolt-action R-36 Eruptor Rifle, which unleashes shells that burst into shrapnel upon impact, adding a lethal punch to your arsenal. Perhaps stealing the spotlight, however, is the CB-9 Exploding Crossbow—a weapon that speaks for itself, quite literally. With exploding bolts that adhere to the laws of gravity upon firing, mastering the art of trajectory will be paramount to success.

But the explosive fun doesn’t stop there. Complementing these primary arms are two new sidearms boasting equal potential for squad annihilation. The G-123 Thermite Grenade offers a sticky and fiery solution for those moments when manual throwing feels too cumbersome. Alternatively, the GP-31 Grenade Pistol provides a more direct approach, though its ominous reminder to reload between shots serves as a sobering caution against reckless usage.

Furthermore, a new booster will be at your disposal, allowing you to expedite the wait time for the extraction shuttle at the conclusion of a mission—a handy tool for those eager to get in and out of danger zones with minimal delay.

In addition to the armaments, players can expect fresh gear options across the light, medium, and heavy tiers of equipment. Accessorizing possibilities expand with the introduction of three new capes, each bestowed with suitably Helldivers-esque monikers: Harbinger of True Equality, Eagle’s Fury, and Freedom’s Tapestry.

Mark your calendars for April 11th—next Thursday—when the Democratic Detonation premium warbond makes its debut. For those who may have been away from the frontlines for a while, it’s worth noting that recent updates have introduced dynamic weather effects such as blizzards and sandstorms, adding an extra layer of challenge to the ongoing conflict against bugs, bots, and the enduring patience of your comrades. Just be mindful before unleashing another orbital strike on their unsuspecting heads.

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