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Fulqrum Publishing has unveiled the story trailer for their latest creation, New Arc Line, a fresh steampunk fantasy RPG where dragons soar alongside zeppelins, and dwarves populate the landscape as plentifully as air pollution. Prior to this reveal, New Arc Line hadn’t crossed my radar, but I find myself intrigued, partly due to its captivatingly twisted and vibrantly hued dystopian maps, and partly because it deviates from the typical narrative archetype of the Chosen One.

In New Arc Line, your family grapples with a devastating ailment, setting the stage for your primary objective: to seek out a cure. However, as your journey unfolds, you may find yourself delving into moral ambiguity, compelled to “get your hands dirty” and climb the social ladder from the bottom rung. The trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into this immersive narrative journey.

The game boasts four distinct races—elf, dwarf, human, and giant—alongside six character classes and 12 subclasses, spanning the industrial-magical spectrum. Whether you prefer to wield elemental powers as a Hellfire occultist, dabble in Voodoo to debuff adversaries, or embrace technology as a Steampunk mechanic, New Arc Line caters to diverse playstyles. Combat unfolds in turn-based fashion on manageable, arena-sized maps, offering a streamlined approach compared to sprawling battles seen in other RPG classics.

Visually, New Arc Line presents a rich tapestry of diverse locales, from opulent streets reminiscent of Bioshock Infinite to smoky factory docks evocative of Dishonored’s industrial landscapes. With its detailed environments and immersive world-building, New Arc Line promises an adventure that’s as visually captivating as it is narratively engrossing.

Scheduled for release this year, New Arc Line showcases cinematic direction that may leave some room for improvement, particularly in regard to character models. However, the game’s ambitious scope and imaginative setting make it a title worthy of attention, offering an experience that’s sure to captivate RPG enthusiasts.

Image credit: Fulqrum Publishing

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