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Relic Entertainment, known for their acclaimed titles such as Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and the recently released Age of Empires IV, has unfortunately announced a wave of layoffs. This decision comes shortly after the studio’s transition to independence following their sale by Sega, marking their return to autonomy after two decades.

While the exact number of affected employees has not been disclosed officially, Robyn Smale, an external development producer, mentioned in a separate post on LinkedIn that 41 staff members have been impacted. The studio stated on LinkedIn that these layoffs were made with the sole intention of ensuring Relic’s survival in an increasingly unpredictable industry.

The news of Relic’s independence emerged just a week ago after Sega sold the studio to an external investor. This move returned Relic to an independently operated development studio for the first time since their acquisition by THQ 20 years ago. Following their tenure under Sega since 2013, Relic worked on several successful projects, including Age of Empires IV, and released sequels to both Dawn of War and Company of Heroes.

Unfortunately, Relic’s independence comes at a time of wider industry turbulence, as evidenced by Sega Europe’s recent layoffs affecting over 200 employees, including teams at Creative Assembly, the creators of the Total War series. This latest round of layoffs at Relic follows a similar downsizing last May, where more than 120 staff members were let go. At the time, both Relic and Sega cited industry challenges and the need to refocus on core franchises as reasons for the restructuring.

In response to the recent layoffs, Relic expressed regret and assured affected employees of severance packages, benefits, and outplacement support. Despite these setbacks, the studio remains committed to supporting their existing titles, such as Company of Heroes 3, with ongoing updates. However, they have yet to announce their next new project as an independent entity.

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