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In 2012, Raven Software initiated development on a standalone Call of Duty zombies game, which unfortunately never progressed beyond the design document phase. A former Raven employee recently shed light on this abandoned project during an interview with Call of Duty YouTuber Glitching Queen. Here are some key points from the discussion:

  • Development spanned from 2011 to 2012, but the project stalled before advancing beyond design documents.
  • The game was envisioned as a free-to-play live service model, promising ongoing support and updates.
  • Unlike previous zombies modes, this game was designed to offer a fresh, campy, and experimental experience.
  • It was based on COD online technology and intended for 1-4 players, featuring a gladiator-style arena as the starting point.
  • Players would have had customizable characters and progression, with the ability to explore an open world infested with zombies.
  • The cancellation reportedly stemmed from Treyarch’s uncertainty about continuing zombies content, fearing competition with their own projects.
  • Contrary to rumors, there were no plans for additional standalone zombies games following this project.

Had it seen the light of day, this standalone Call of Duty zombies game could have offered an engaging free-to-play experience. Its cancellation appears to have been influenced by Treyarch’s hesitancy to integrate zombies content into their future releases.

In other news, an Xbox showcase scheduled for June 9 may unveil the next Call of Duty installment, rumored to be a new Black Ops title set during the Gulf War.

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