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A recent survey by the Game Developer Collective reveals developers’ concerns about the sustainability and monetization of live-service games. The survey, which interviewed 600 developers between February and March 2024, found that 67% of devs associate live-service games with frequent updates and in-app purchases.

While 39% of participants expressed mild concern about current live-service business models, 31% were very concerned. A combined 29% either had no concerns or were unsure. Additionally, 35% of developers considered their most recent release a live-service game, and 10% anticipate their studios may shift in that direction.

Developers are split on the impact of live-service games, with 44% having mixed views and 45% holding negative opinions. The primary worry revolves around sustainability, including fears of players losing interest and other games poaching players.

Amidst these concerns, there is a growing interest in paid downloadable content (DLC), with 30% of developers exploring it for their next game. Additionally, 76% are considering an upfront payment model for their next release, while 22% are focusing on physical releases.

Developers remain divided on the future of game monetization, with close percentages across various methods like battle passes and inclusion in subscription services.

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