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Star Wars Outlaws faced criticism when it was announced that the single-player, open-world game would include a season pass and an expensive special edition offering early access. The $40 season pass, included in the $110 Gold Edition, provides two post-launch expansions, cosmetics, and an exclusive day-one mission called Jabba’s Gambit.

This mission sparked backlash, with some believing it was the only Jabba the Hutt mission in the game. Ubisoft clarified that Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel are key components of the game and accessible to all players regardless of the edition they purchase. Jabba’s Gambit is an additional optional mission available to season pass holders.

Despite reservations about gating launch content behind season passes, Ubisoft reassures players that they can still experience the game fully without the season pass. Additionally, the game offers an even more expensive Ultimate Edition for $130, which includes extra cosmetic bundles and a digital art book.

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