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“Sea of Thieves” has reached a major milestone by surpassing 40 million players, ahead of its upcoming launch on PlayStation 5. This achievement underscores the impact of Xbox Game Pass in reaching millions of players through subscription services and premium purchases. Rare, the game’s developer, expressed gratitude to players and its team for maintaining the game with over 100 updates since its launch.

The PS5 release later this month is expected to expand the game’s community even further. Rare is celebrating the milestone by offering boosted rewards such as renown, gold, and reputation. The studio is also gearing up for Season 12’s launch.

The successful beta launch on PS5, marked by high server activity and strong pre-orders, suggests that the full launch will be impactful. This move is a strategic decision for Xbox as it aims to grow its presence as a publisher. With the game set to continue leading Xbox’s live-service lineup, its popularity may soar even higher following the PS5 release.

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