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Starfield was originally intended to launch as a multi-platform RPG by Bethesda, with interest from PlayStation in securing exclusivity for the game. However, following Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda Softworks, these plans were set aside in favor of making Starfield an Xbox exclusive.

According to developer Jason Tonks’ LinkedIn profile, a PS5 version of Starfield was in development until 2021. Bethesda had been working on three versions of the game, suggesting that significant progress was made on the PS5 version before it was discontinued. The completion of Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda in 2021 likely led to the scrapping of PlayStation development.

Bethesda may have been initially targeting the PS5 as the primary console platform, given Sony’s status as the lead console manufacturer at the time. This shift required Bethesda to adjust its development process, aided by Microsoft engineers. Despite the transition, Starfield still launched with technical issues such as long loading times and suboptimal PC performance.

By making Starfield an Xbox exclusive, Bethesda was able to release the RPG on Game Pass, drawing in millions of players at launch and marking one of the studio’s most successful releases. Although there have been rumors about a potential PS5 version in development, Xbox’s Phil Spencer has denied these reports.

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