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Konrad Pawlikowski, an indie game developer, found unexpected success with his lighthearted horror game “Please Stop Crying” on TikTok, despite initially neglecting marketing. The first-person fatherhood simulator gained popularity on the platform, propelling Pawlikowski to earn a few thousand dollars from his passion project.

TikTok has emerged as a significant platform for indie game promotion, particularly through its live feature and endless-scroll homepage.

Streamers like Sam Clark have seen increased engagement on TikTok compared to Twitch, especially when playing indie games such as “Fruit Mountain.” TikTok’s efforts to attract more gamers have included launching initiatives like The Game Room and offering subscription perks.

As of April 5, videos including the hashtag #FruitMountain had 87.9 million views. Videos with the phrase “Where to get Fruit Mountain” had 21.6 million views.

Pawlikowski hopes the spotlight on indie games continues and that more developers shift their focus to creating artistic and expressive games rather than solely pursuing profits.

By embracing TikTok Live, indie game developers can showcase their work to a broader audience and gain recognition for their creative projects.

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