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Exciting news is buzzing in the gaming world! A Twitter user named Silknigth, known for being right about game announcements before, says Sony might soon reveal Ghost of Tsushima 2. And guess what? Naughty Dog, famous for The Last of Us, isn’t making Part 3. Instead, they’re cooking up a brand-new game.

People loved Ghost of Tsushima, so news of a sequel is super thrilling. But don’t hold your breath for the next Horizon game from Guerrilla Games; it might take a bit longer to come out.

If you’re into PC gaming and waiting for Sony’s next big release, Silknigth says it could be The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, possibly coming out later this year after Ghost of Tsushima hits PC.

Naughty Dog is also up to something new. A guy named Colin Lorimer hinted at it on his LinkedIn. He worked on cool stuff like The Last of Us TV series and Disney projects.

And Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog talked about how the studio is changing things up. They’re getting ready to work on lots of different games, not just sequels. It sounds like they’re getting more organized and ready to make even more awesome games in the future.

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